What if it (whatever you’ve been praying and believing for) all worked out exactly as you had hoped? More importantly, what if it all worked out exactly as you had been told. Many times we get a nudge from the Universe telling us which direction to go, what to explore, what to investigate or what to risk; but our confidence won’t meet us where we stand. That’s a polite way of saying our feet and our minds are locked in understandable fear. The reasons to stay fixed in place are rational and accurate in their own right. But then there’s the infinite possibility of theRead More →

Is your glass half-empty or half-full? It’s all about perspective. If you’re in a season of singleness, the holiday season can sometimes be, well, a little lonely. But, having the right perspective is an essential life skill year round. This time of year, the holiday cards of our friends’ families decorate our refrigerators, and our favorite television programs are inundated with engagement ring advertisements. The girl with the surprised facial expression as her man gets down on bended knee with fireworks bursting in the background is my personal favorite. Where does that happen? And where do I sign up? With the right perspective, that adRead More →